come, let us reason together

isaiah 1:18

We offer classes for adults on Sunday mornings during the service times, as well as Wednesday nights during the Spring and Fall. Check below for more details about the current classes.

Sunday classes

The  Following  Winter Classes Begin  January  7,  2024

9:00 Am. 

Elements: - (Core Course) Led  by the church elders
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? How do we live out the "Love Commands” Jesus taught us? What do we mean by "COME-GROW-SERVE-GO”? This class is your introduction into Grace Church – why we do what we do the way we do it around here. It also serves as our membership class, but membership is not a required outcome.
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God Out of the Box - (Elective Class) Led by Mark Adams
In this class we plan to delve into God’s refrigerator, learn the taxonomy of the Church, discover that everyone in the class coincidentally has an Aunt Martha, understand why you can’t stick God in a box, find out why poking people will get them angry, and you may even get assigned deep theological algebra homework by the teacher (who might ask you to show your work).  We hope this class will deliver a unique framework that you can use to build a robust worldview.
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 10:30 am

Bible Road Map - New Testament - (Core Class) Led by Jerry Foote and Don Schultz
We will approach the Bible as one book with one message and look at how each section contributes to teaching the message.  This will be  more than a survey of events, characters, and chronology.  It will help us grasp the New Testament as a whole and integrate the whole counsel of God in our worldview.  We hope to introduce students to the Interstate highways and Major arteries of the map, leaving them free to explore the scenic routes and back roads without losing their way.
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Revelation  - (Elective Class) Led by Mark Stewart
 This is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing for reading it. It is filled with times of worship and times of seeing God’s sovereignty over events. As His plan unfolds we will see His warnings and His justice and it concludes with the glorious ending of a New Jerusalem meant for all believers. You will be blessed in the study of this most fascinating book.

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Finishing New Testament Overview - Led by Bonnie Stephens
Beginning in late January -  “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children”  by Stormie Omartian. It doesn’t matter how young or old our adult children are, they need our prayers. Through this study we will explore helpful ways to pray effectively and in greater depth about our adult children and our own lives as well.

Wednesday Classes 

Classes begin January 10, 2024 @ 6:30pm

The Jesus Group - (Elective Class)  Led by Amber Bedrick
The Pharisees accused Jesus of not washing his hands (Mk 7:5; Mt 15:2). Jesus explains that what makes a person unclean is the evil in their hearts, not the outsides of their hands, but why were the Pharisees so concerned with washing their hands? What could this possibly mean for us, today? As we read passages like Mark 7:5, we do not know about “the tradition of the elders”, why Jesus rejected it, or what that tells us about who Jesus is and how we can relate to Him.
The Jesus Group is a weekly discussion group that focuses on reading passages from the Gospels and answering 5 questions that get to the heart of what Jesus said and why. Just bring a Bible! Starting January 10th, 2024 on Wednesday nights at 6:30p this class will  only be available on  Zoom.
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Missions: The Body of Christ, Alive and Active in the World  (Elective Class) taught by Becky Neusken
Come and learn about how God is working in the world through Grace Church. This "deep dive" series will bring you into the experiences of Christians in the mission field and show how God transforms lives through our faithful service. We will come together to proclaim the truth that "God forgets no one." Each of us is part of his purposeful plan to reach all people who need to hear and be transformed by the gospel of Jesus.
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