come, let us reason together

isaiah 1:18

We offer classes for adults on Sunday mornings during the service times, as well as Wednesday nights during the Spring and Fall. Check below for more details about the current classes.

Sunday classes

The Following Fall Classes Begin September 10, 2023

9:00 Am. 

Hermeneutics (Core Class) taught by Pastor John Gardner
Ever have a conversation about Scripture that ends with “well, that’s just your
interpretation?” Who decides whose interpretation is correct? How do different Bible
translations choose their words? Are there rules for this sort of thing? What if it’s a
parable, or a prophecy, or if it’s true but it’s said by a crooked king or a demon? These
are just a few of the questions we’ll be discussing as a group of high schoolers and
adults while we learn all about the science of hermeneutics and interpretation. Come
ready for deep study and fun discussion!
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Transformation (Core Course) taught by Jerry Foote and Catherine Kreutzer What
is God's will for the Christian between salvation and heaven? Believing in Jesus is not
the finish line, but the start of the process of being changed into the image of Christ.
Transformation is not about having better New Year's resolutions, working harder at
being nice, or even something we do on our own. Transformation is a work of the Holy
Spirit that we cooperate with. In this course we explore the basics of transformation:
God's goal and work; our need for transformation; ways we struggle with transformation;
and tools that God makes available for our use as we grow into newness.
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 10:30 am

Elements Class (Core Course) taught by the church elders
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? How do we live out the "Love Commands”
Jesus taught us? What do we mean by "COME-GROW-SERVE-GO”? This class is your
introduction into Grace Church – why we do what we do the way we do it around here. It
also serves as our membership class, but membership is not a required
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Growing in Prayer, led by Steven and Roberta Shafer
Whether you feel like a stranger to prayer or consider yourself stronger in it - this class
will help you to grow in communing with the Lord.  We'll explore the Who? What? and
Why? of expectant prayer.  We'll discover a Toolbox for Prayer Conversation with God.
And we'll practice Pray Through It techniques that help bring healing and freedom. The
goal of this class is to help you to draw near to God, and to experience Him as He
draws near to you.
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Overview of the Bible taught by Bonnie Stephens
Overview of the New Testament, Book by Book. Welcome to join anytime.

Wednesday Classes 

Classes begin September 6, 2023 @ 6:30pm

Walking in the Spirit  (Core Class)
taught by Pastor Jeff Foote
How does the Holy Spirit guide discipleship? What does it mean to keep in step and be filled
with the Holy Spirit? How does He work today? What does Expectant Prayer look like?
This class is designed to cover both the theology and practicality of the Holy Spirit in the life of
the believer. We will cover the doctrine, the controversies, and what Biblical expectations we
should have to experience the Holy Spirit in our lives every day. Registration link for Walking in
the Spirit:
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Freedom in Christ Discipleship, (Elective Class for Women)
taught by Amber Bedrick
Christians aim to live according to the truth in Jesus. Dr. Neil T. Anderson, founder
of Freedom in Christ Ministries says, “Strongholds are mental habit patterns of
thought that are not consistent with God’s word.”  Ladies, join us as we overcome
what is holding us back from fully realizing the freedom we have in Christ. We will
pray, watch videos, and discuss how the Bible applies in our own lives. Homework is
minimal, but you will need the following books by Neil T. Anderson: Freedom in
Christ Participant's Guide, The Steps to Freedom in Christ, and Restored.
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